4 steps: How to succeed with the introduction of a new case management system

4 steps: How to succeed with the introduction of a new case management system
The efficiency of a business is largely influenced by the tools that the business uses. We have 20 years of experience in web-based case management and would like to give you some basic advice if you are considering introducing a web-based case management solution that is tailored to your business:

1. Think of an ideal way of working

First, make a detailed picture of an ideal flow of information and decide at the data field level which information to handle. When you have done a thorough elaboration together with the IT provider, you have already come a long way in thinking. The first working version can then be quickly developed.

2. Take advantage of a qualified IT solution

It is easy to just form and information flows are moved from paper to the web, without seeing what added value you get if you instead think in new ways. In a web-based case flow, information flows and number calculations can be made based on how forms are filled in. So-called business logic rules can also automate and control what happens. It facilitates analysis and quality assurance in a way you probably couldn't have predicted before you get started.

3. Make it easy for end users

The key to success is to get all employees to see the benefits of a new solution and preferably also find it inspiring and fun to work in the system. Make sure that the reporting forms have ready-made choices to choose from if possible. Then let the form change continuously based on what you fill out. End-users should preferably not need to know who to pass it on to but ensure that it is controlled according to what is reported. If a user needs to supplement information, they should receive an email with a direct link automatically from the system.

4. Don't expect to think about everything from scratch

It is never possible to see exactly what is the optimal solution before you have worked in a finished solution for a period of time. Feel free to start with a slightly simpler way of working. However, make sure that the system you choose makes it possible to add and change parts continuously. In this way, you can let your case management solution follow and sometimes drive change, as your organization evolves from year to year.

It's not uncommon for you to handle sensitive information when you're working on cases. Therefore, strict management of permissions is needed in different steps so that the information can be handled safely. We at Addsystems work systematically with privacy issues and data security. Read more about ADD Case Management.

Good luck!

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