ADD – For your industry

Web Platform ADD
For your industry
Platform for Management systems and information management
A tool for easily managing, planning, controlling, analyzing and improving operations

We have built Platform ADD So that good solutions for a customer, can easily be used for other customers in the same industry. In this way we can create concrete customer benefits in an increasing number of industries.

If you can't find an example in your area of activity, please let us know. We constantly want to broaden how Add is used, because it brings benefits to all customers in the extension. See below examples from your industry.

What characterizes Add?

  • Web platform for Management systems and information management
  • Clarify employee roles and responsibilities
  • Ensures a systematic and efficient way of working
  • Handles extensive amounts of information
  • Frees you from reforming tasks
  • Safe storage with daily backups
  • Can easily be adapted when the business grows or changes
  • The system is formed and follows your work in real-time

Case Management in the ADD Web platform


The largest group of users of ADD is both smaller and larger companies in the manufacturing industry. It is natural because it has been early specifier in a structured way of working for its information management, where ISO requirements have often been a driving force. We have existing customers who have been ISO certified according to 9001 and 14001 since the year 2001 with ADD as platform, so it is well proven.

– Add gives the user a seamless complete picture of the company. Also easy for admin to share information in a structured way.
Björn K, Orrefors/New Wave Group


In the service sector, ADD is often used as a Management System In areas such as Environment, quality and working environment. Some customers instead use ADD for completely verksamhetsspecika applications.

– Everyone is easy to find the information you have requested in ADD, which helps the business with time savings, efficiency and to do the right. You don't have to take shortcuts – "So did we before".
Freddy Jensen, Euromaster AB

Public sector

Platform ADD Used today in municipal operations and authorities. Primarily among municipal energy companies, ADD is used as a broad management system, but often also as an intranet/company portal for general information management.

– Add is a simple and easy to use tool for document management, meeting management, process and case management, etc., which makes it easy to set up and Ajourhålla even complex integrated management systems.
Rickard Wester, Västervik Environment & Energi AB

Health and care

To meet high demands and expectations among customers, residents and authorities, the ADD platform is used as a solution in health care. ADD is used in healthcare as a complete management system and often also as an intranet. In Omsorgsverksamheten, quality issues are of paramount importance.

– With ADD, it is possible to quickly and easily provide feedback and information to all employees within the organization at the same time and be able to have an available control when the employee is in the field.
Elaine Snahr Bryntesson, Olivia Home Service AB


In this collection of industries, the ADD platform can be of great benefit as a complete management system or for specific applications.

"With ADD we have a grip on the complaints, nothing is forgotten or the notislappar disappears. It makes sense that everyone understands it without any "course" in how it works.
Tina Fadaei, GBJ Construction AB