County / Authority

Web Platform ADD
Web Platform ADD
Platform for Management systems and information management
A tool to easily manage, plan, control, analyse and improve operations.

For municipal activities and authorities is strict, but at the same time flexible information management, of great importance. Platform ADD Lends itself perfectly to this and the versatility allows the use of Add to grow in a wide variety of directions.

We have a particularly strong position among municipal energy and environmental companies. Among these companies, quality and environmental issues have an important role and there are high demands on the system solutions you want to work with.

Västervik Environmental & Energi AB has with the help of ADD
Good order and greater efficiency in operations.

Rickard Wester, quality and environmental manager,
Västervik Environmental & Energi AB

Municipality/Authority/Non-profit association

The authority is particularly demanding in a strict way of working. ADD enables such work, while the administrator can still easily change the way the system is used over time.

Energy companies

Many municipal energy and environmental companies benefit from the possibilities of ADD as a management system and often also as corporate intranets. Process Management In combination with document management of governance information can be of great benefit to energy companies. Common options include reference handling and Meeting Management.

Water Companies