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Web based, easy & safe


ADD supports you in:

– Comply with the board's requirements

– Streamline Operations

– Maintaining and achieving quality

– Check, monitor and evaluate the

– Protect Important information

– Digitize and quality-assure processes

– Reduce administrative work

– Simplify your improvement work

In health care, it is important to ensure the quality of the business processes and meet the high demands that are set. Through daily backups, the system helps you to protect valuable information and thus creates a great security for you as a user.

Add is a flexible management system for systematic quality work that helps you reduce costs and comply with laws without additional administration. With Platform ADD That Management System streamlines and quality-assures work processes through customized solutions.

NB: We have a structure for management systems but do not stand for example texts such as instructions and policies, etc.m.

Keep your business informed & up to date

As it stands today, it feels more important than ever to be at the forefront of digital development. Not least in health and social care.

Introducing a common web platform can be a solution for many. It can be used as an intranet where you can also access, create and share all important information digitally from a single platform. This makes it easier for all employees to report, fix and follow up on all events, which provides increased availability and frees up more time for patient care.

Doctors point to a management system for systematic quality work

Better quality - better care

Current features with ADD care and care can, for example, be checklists for care interventions, various instructions for how to act in specific situations and tools for Case management, automatic follow-ups and internal quality work. Through your mobile you can easily report events and quickly get functions available, which thus facilitates management if you are in the field, not least for home care staff.

Get a clear overview of all cases

Based on data, you can produce statistics and reports to provide a basis for long-term improvement work. There are also forms for, for example, user satisfaction, projects and self-checks. It is also possible to report serious events, for example according to Lex Sarah And Lex Maria directly into the system. Through the overview you can also get all your cases together with the ability to sort and filter them for a better overview.

For a safer and more enjoyable job

The idea of Add is that it will facilitate the work but also make the work feel fun and relevant to the employees. Add is also designed to make it easy to start using, making it more fun to use. The great benefits of Add, in addition to time saving, clear overview and reduced risk of missing tasks, is that employees feel that they are actually doing what is expected of them, which makes them even more confident in their professional role.

ADD supports board of Directors ' requirements

Management system and requirements for efficient internal information management are general for all industries. However, one driving force has been the regulations and general advice developed by the National Board of Health and Welfare on management systems for systematic quality work. (SOSFS 2011:9). Add supports the requirements of the National Board of Health and Welfare in a cost-effective manner.

The best thing about ADD is being able to have an available control when
Employees are in the field, to be able to gather materials and disseminate knowledge
In a common platform.


Elaine Bryntesson, Personnel and quality manager,
Olivia hemtjänst AB

Solutions and versions we have in Health care:

Own controls

  • Employees
  • Key Management
  • Lunch boxes
  • Delegation HSL
  • Basal Hygiene
  • User Survey

Case management

  • Event
  • Serious event
  • Lex Sarah
  • Lex Maria
  • Audit observation
  • Sample

Document Management

  • Care
  • Business practices
  • Forms
  • Employee Handbook


  • Listing forms
  • Day note
  • Implementation plan
  • Documentation Review


Add is used in healthcare as a complete Management System And often also as an intranet. Our customers also use it to manage industry-specific requirements such as Lex Sarah And Lex Maria, as they are available as optional solutions that can be called in Add. Why not report serious incidents according to Lex Sarah and Lex Maria directly on your phone?


In care activities, quality issues are of paramount importance. With Web Platform ADD it's easy to use your own mobile, when you're in the field, log in and, for example, get checklists or instructions out, if someone doesn't open the door or if you need to deal with emergency situations. In addition, there are tools for Case management, follow-up and internal quality work.