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Web Platform ADD
Web Platform ADD
Platform for Management systems and information management
A tool to easily manage, plan, control, analyse and improve operations.

In the service and service sectors, the versatility of a solution is important, and that one should be able to work in a coordinated manner even if one is geographically dispersed. Add can act as a complete management system in areas such as Quality, environment and working environment services and services.


In the hotel sector, Add is used as a property portal, which means many different applications. One example is managing fault reporting with reporting and photographing of faults via smartphone in a case flow.

Also monthly Key Data collection of resource consumption and costs for different hotels with chart-based statistics is a popular solution.

For the compilation and presentation of costs are inspection costs, planned and unplanned maintenance, and service agreements useful optional solutions in ADD.

Addsystems has in collaboration with Visita and Sleepwell developed the tool RestTool – a tool for easy and efficient resource monitoring. Learn more about RestTool And how the tool can be used, as well as Visitas Press release about how the Rest can help their members to keep track and streamline the energy and water use of the business.

RestTool Durability


Platform ADD can act as a complete Management System With several industry-specific functions. Reporting events from ADD to a solution that is integrated with the Swedish Transport agency can be ordered.

A current on-call list can be easily managed from the home screen.


Add can be of great benefit in trading in several ways. This may include Administration Customers for e.g. complaint or as a broad management system.

Real Estate / Construction

Add can be used as a real estate portal, with a variety of features. Error reporting can be done by residents and then handled in a case flow involving property owners, caretakers and contractors.


The strict and flexible information management in ADD is very useful in the financial sector. Therefore, we have created a complete solution for customer documentation to facilitate meetings between customer and advisor, as well as the entire handling of customer information and confirmation. We want to meet the demands of Finansinspektionen in the best way.


In combination with customer documents, we can also offer a solution for prospectus processing until closure and with the possibility for prospectuses and customers to be given access to their location in the customer's solution in ADD.

Cleaning / Cleaning

The strict information management combined with our possibilities for controls and ronderingar Directly in the mobile make Add well suited for this sector.