Identify skills and skills gaps

Identify skills and skills gaps

Do you have an eye on your employees' training, certificates or expiration dates? Thought about automating your skills management?

Many companies today have a great need for competence management. Both to clarify the skills of the employees and to be able to follow up the certificates that are about to expire over time.

Facilitate management and get a better overview
There are ways to facilitate management to get full control of the entire company's competencies. As by using a web-based tool that can list, sort and group by competence, person or organizational unit. In this way, you can search for your employees' skills and always choose the right person for the right project. It is also quick to see whose certificate needs to be renewed.

Automate due dates
Not least for ISO certified companies, this becomes a very important aspect. They often require knowledge to be kept alive and therefore often have training with a certain period of validity. It can be in areas such as safety or health. The training can be essential for employees to have completed in order to achieve a lasting business. Companies benefit a lot from trying to automate monitoring of due dates so they see in advance which ones are about to expire. It helps you to live up to external requirements and reduce the skills gaps.

Find a working routine to keep certificates up to date
Try to find a working routine to take care of the information you possess. Perhaps you can take the opportunity to update the skills profile together with the employee in connection with the employee conversation? At the same time, you can review the possibilities and see what courses would need to be carried out. In this way, both the company and its employees know that the diplomas are always kept up to date.

A big part of competence management is to be able to improve and give the employee support in meeting the requirements and wishes within their work role.

Please read about Add Compendium Management. A web-based solution that gives you a complete and searchable overview of your employees' abilities.

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