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Management system

With Add as your management system, you get a complete solution tailored to your needs. Choose the desired parts of the main modules document, case and process management or some of the twenty optional solutions available. Each employee gets his or her own home page with customised information based on his or her role in the organisation.

Solutions in Management systems:


With the solutions for ADD Personal/HR You can easily plan employees ' time off and make sure that the business works even during holiday periods. Established hours are often the basis for business revenue. ADD Personal/HR helps you keep track of hours, both hours worked and the hours employees are absent. Below is a list of solutions we have in personnel/HR.

Personnel/HR Solutions:

Health and care

Our solutions for care and care include easy handling of Lex Maria and Lex Sarah.

Solutions in health care:


Streamlining of meetings, reference management and support. Let the platform take care of reminders, what needs to be done and by whom, as well as other boring and monotonous administration.

Administration Solutions:


Simple coordination of tasks and maintenance. Keep all cases together in one place.

Solutions in production/planning:

Economy and finance

In Economics/Finance It is especially important that the information does not end up in the wrong hands. With Our case management solutions, you are always 100% sure that the information will not be in the wrong hands. The Criteria handler ensures that the correct information is uploaded at the right time. You Avoid unnecessary information and miss nothing important.

Solutions in Finance: