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ADD Case Management

Do you need a case management system (ÄHS) that simplifies your planning and structuring of tasks? Platform ADD is something for those with high demands on quality but still want to keep it simple.

Add is a case management system that helps you create a customized way of working.

You can customize the system according to your own needs and thus streamline your business. Quickly create an overview of what is current and make deviations visible. Learn how to use 4 steps the introduction of a new case management system.

Case management in ADD

  • Ready-made and customized workflows
  • Report management with filterable selections
  • Reminder features and time controllers
  • Overview for sorting, grouping, and filtering
  • Priority of cases
  • Automatically receive reports to your email
  • Case status - Ongoing, closed, dormant
  • All information is searchable, including attachments
  • Role-controlled permissions
  • Conditional menus for easy reporting
  • Engages the entire workforce


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ADD offers:

  • A stable & web-based case management system
  • Wide volume of solutions and features
  • Integration with existing systems
  • Stylish and inviting design
  • Automation and efficiency
  • The tools for controlling, controlling and following up
  • Simplicity, even for unfamiliar computer users
  • Ready-made and customized solutions
  • Possibility to use the mobile camera when reporting cases
  • Protection of valuable information and daily backups
  • A long-term solution

Get support in your daily work

There are many advantages to a case management system. Above all, it helps you create structure and streamline the working methods within your company. Add can help you with:

  • Deviations
  • Comments
  • Audits
  • Complaints
  • Improvement proposals
  • Key figures reporting

Case Reports on mobile

Case flow in Add

Add has several completed workflows, but we can also help build fully customized solutions. A case management system should be easy to use and you should be able to follow each case all the way from start to finish by seeing what its status is and who is responsible. You can safely hand over cases and see exactly where in the process the case is, which is an extra security for the business in case of illness, for example.


The platform also works very well to spread information to the staff. There is a very well-functioning search function built into the system if you want to search for cases that you have handled clearly. Statistics are shown in clear charts where you can also filter the information by, for example, case type, organizational unit, status and time interval.

Choice of settings

Case management can be customized in a variety of ways. Some of the settings you can choose to add are:

  • Time management for e-mail reminders
  • Who should be able to receive a case in each case step
  • Control recipients in the next case step based on choice in the case step
  • Change categories and selections in all lists
"ADD offers a good and easily accessible system support for our business systems, deviation management and general information distribution to the staff."


Mikael Jonsson
Quality & Environmental Manager
Gunnebo Fastening Systems AB

Simple and efficient

Many systems are difficult to understand and require extensive training in order for the work to get started. Add is different from others as we want it to be user-friendly for everyone. Our goal is for you and your employees to access what you want with minimal clicks. Case management can be customized in a variety of ways.

Reporting of cases in Add

Changes are made to the web interface

With Add, Addsystems can build fully customised case forms and the case flow itself directly in the web interface with smooth drag and drop management. The content and texts can then be modified by the customer. If you want to make changes to an existing solution, you can do so directly in the web interface, either by us or by you as a customer.

Email with link to the case

At each step of the case process, you can always choose to send out an email to any number of people with a link to the case itself. The email contains any text you type. Use this feature to get help and support from colleagues or as pure information for those who need to access it.

Quick overview of all cases

Working in Web Platform ADD means an effective way of working as you easily create control and organize directly in the system. Quickly create an overview of all current cases — both pending and closed. Search by status, category, or who the case is currently with. Each case is divided into different colors so that you can quickly prioritize what is most important right now.

Add Case Management includes complete workflows for, for example, handling deviations, suggestions, comments, complaints, audits, travel orders, training registration and key performance reporting. These existing flows can also change in their entirety if necessary.

We build new customized workflows to meet your business needs and requirements. Workflows are available in free number of steps and with features such as time controls, reminder emails, automatic selection of, for example, actions, sequels, or approvers depending on the organizational unit for which you created the case.

Advanced configuration and customization of case flows is possible. Some examples of these are time management, reminder emails, the case goes to different responsible/different steps depending on the entered value in a field. For example, a case might go to a higher-level manager if the entered costs exceed a certain amount, or depending on the selected case type.

For each step in the case flow, an e-mail message with a link to the case and any text content can be sent to any person.
Cases can also be accessed via the home page of the system. All cases are listed there.

The overview shows pending and closed cases. There you can see the case status, title, serial number, case type and category or who the case is with. These fields can also be grouped and filtered to get a better overview.

We make your case management easier

It should be fun, smooth and safe to work. A prerequisite for it is good tools. With ADD as a web-based Management System you get a permission-controlled system that simplifies and streamlines your case management significantly. We have ready-made case management solutions tailored to a number of areas. Solutions Can of course be adapted to your specific needs.

Shaped according to how you want it

We understand that different businesses require their own unique case management, therefore flexibility has been a matter of course for us. Instead of having to look up what's relevant to you, you'll get it served directly from the home page.

A case management system should support you and your company in the handling of your internal and external cases, which may include your administration, documentation and follow-up. You should be able to track cases from start to finish, control and close cases in a structured and automated way.

In addition to streamlining your work processes, you will be able to digitize, automate and systematize your work processesas much as possible. We also offer you the opportunity to customize the system based on your own needs, which we think is important. Similarly, we believe that user-friendliness is another important aspect. It should feel easy and fun to use the system so that you can bring all the employees with you more easily.

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