Internal audit

Add Internal Audit is a broad and general optional solution to make it really effective to conduct and follow up different types of internal audits within the business. 

The solution has been further developed over many years and handles both planning and structured implementation of the internal audit with follow-up of deviations and observation.

Support throughout the internal audit process

With Add Internal Audit, you can easily collect different audits and link them to different perspectives such as individual ISO requirements, processes or organisational units.

Even the steps of an audit are handled easily, i.e. from the set-up, opening meeting, implementation and follow-up.

Only when all identified audit observations such as non-conformities/observations have been dealt with is the internal audit considered as completed.

Creating multiple discrepancies/observations for an internal audit

For each internal audit event, one or more non-conformities/observations are easily created, where you describe, classify and decide who will be responsible for handling the item. It is of course also possible to attach documents or images.

The deviations/observations are handled as separate cases and are placed on the respective person's to-do list in Add. The user also receives an email with a direct link to the case to easily tackle the task.

Customize the handling in a control panel

To make the solution as optimal as possible for the business, it is easy for administrators to set up all categories, texts, and also decide what level of detail they want to have for internal audits.

Clear overviews

It should be easy to turn all the information around to see how the work is going. In our overviews, you can therefore group and sort both the internal audits and the individual non-conformities/observations.

An internal audit can also clearly show which non-conformities/observations have been created and their status and classification.