Management system

A time gain for many

Management systems for the environment, quality and work environment allow the work to be carried out quickly and thus become a time gain for many entrepreneurs, which in turn leads to a reduced cost over time. You can always book a free demo of the system or try Add for free for a month without you tying up for anything.

Many businesses today understand the point of integrated management systems. You get a simpler and clearer overview of how to work in your business, which contributes to a more efficient work.

The major advantages of an integrated management system include keeping the business together. The common operational system shall take into account the wishes and requirements of the environment, quality and working environment. Instead of taking into account three different systems, you only need a single one that covers all different aspects. With Add as Management System Reduces our customers significantly at both costs and at the time required to obtain an ISO certificate as confirmation of a assured management system.

Integrated Management System

Occupational Safety and Health Management System ISO 45001

Create a healthier work environment and a safer workplace with the help of Add Work Environment Management System. A flexible and complete tool that can help with both internal and external environmental requirements. The system helps to create a good structure all the way. Not only by minimizing risks, but also by managing and identifying relevant risks and developing internal procedures.

Quality Management System ISO 9001

A certified quality management system ensures that internal and external requirements are handled safely. ISO 9001 is a standard that forms the basis for determining quality management. With the web platform Add, you can ensure that your products and services have been developed and produced according to established requirements. Quality management systems also increase knowledge about the company's risks and its severity. Another advantage is that it is possible to create good and clear routines to follow in the business with a top-class quality system.

Environmental Management System ISO 14001

ISO 14001 is a standard that forms the basis for the determination of environmental management. Add Environmental Management System is a complete tool that gives you all the support you need to conduct active environmental work. It suits both the smaller business that wants to quickly get started with environmental work, as well as the larger business with more complex needs and wishes. Whether the goal is a structured work towards an ISO 14001 certification or a desire to get its environmental documentation in order, Add Environmental Management System fits just as well.

"Add is a simple and easy-to-use tool for document management, meeting management, process and case management, etc., which makes it easy to set up and up-date even complex integrated management systems."


Rickard Wester, Quality and Environmental Manager
Västervik Environmental & Energi AB

A comprehensive solution in quality and environmental management systems

Addsystem's integrated management system offers a complete solution. It holds the business together all the way and can be customised based on the business that wants to use the system. The system takes into account the requirements and wishes of the environment, quality and working environment. In the system you can:

  • Manage your business's environmental anomalies flexibly
  • Manage all documents required for your work
  • Get complete process tools for structure
  • Attach documents to ISO requirements with simple join structures

ISO certification in Add

Integrated management system – all in one

One of the biggest benefits of using a really good environmental, work environment and quality management system is to get everything together in one place. It is otherwise easy for documents to be found in different places on the company's local network and no one knows who is responsible for everything. A structure that everyone can follow minimizes the risk of a document disappearing or some of any process missing.


The integrated management system for the environment, quality and working environment is very easy to use and document management is highly appreciated. Here you can manage documents such as:

  • Instructions
  • Policies
  • Protocol
  • Objectives and action programmes

Important with standards and environmental laws

When it comes to work in the environment, standards and environmental laws are very important. In order to link the environmental documents to ISO requirements, coupling structures, but not text content, according to the latest edition of ISO 14001 are available directly in the system. It is also possible to build up legislative lists that show laws and other requirements.


All operations are unique and require their own solution. Therefore, Addsystems has created a flexible system that can be designed and adapted based on the business that wants to use it. For specific questions and wishes, you are welcome to Contact Us together we find the best solution.

Flexible deviation Handling

Deviation management is very easy to take control of. Record an environmental deviation in the system, work with it in a controlled and structured way until it is fixed. All deviations can always be followed up, then all information is already saved and collected in one place in the system. Something that a quality and environmental manager in the business will appreciate.

Versioning and referral management

With an integrated management system, you can handle all the documents you need for your work. Through the platform there is support to both develop an environmental aspect register but also to collect and present environmental reports. If a document changes, it's easy to see the document version and who made the most recent changes. In this way, it is easy to be up to date at all times in the workplace as affected employees can always access the documents.