Process management

Add Process Management allows you to create a complete description of your organization's activities, routines and results. It also gives all employees a clear picture of how the company works by making them visible.

Our process tool is fully integrated with instructions and other information in your quality system and becomes a basis for seeking information for all employees in the organization. Modelling and describing the organization's processes is often a lot of work, but add can simplify this process. It is always quick to change the process descriptions at a later time so that the information can be kept up to date.

Process Management in ADD

– The Work is done directly in the browser
– All Central parts can change
– Clickable Process Descriptions
– Simple "Drag-and-drop" management
– Facilitates Searching for information
– Visualize all structure within the business
– Connect all documents to each process
– Easy even for computer users

ADD offers:

– A complete Web-based management system
– Unique volume of solutions and functions
– stylish and inviting design
– accessibility, even on the go
– ready-made and customised solutions
– a lot of system for your money
– A long-term solution
– Safe storage with daily backups

Streamline your processes with ADD Process management

See brief review on how to use process management in Add.

Create cases with a single click

ADD Process Management is much more than just a drawing tool, it gives you the ability to link the entire business documentation to the respective processes. You can also create cases and documents directly with a single click.

Easy to develop processes

Entire process descriptions can be quickly developed thanks to easy-to-use drag and drop management. There are pre-inserted process images but also the ability to add more specific images.

Who can see and do what

Authorization management makes it possible to control who can see and change what in process models and process descriptions at a granular level. You can also print process images in the desired format.

Navigate with clickable process images

The process image can be added as a clickable image directly on the home page for easy navigation to an individual process step where you will find all relevant information. You can visualize organizational structures, goals, scorecards, and system structures and connect your entire business documentation to the right process.

"ADD gives the user a smooth complete picture of the company. Easy for Admin to share information in a structured way"


Björn Källström
IT Infrastructure Technician
Orrefors/New Wave Group

Clearer and more efficient processes

Using Add Process Management facilitates daily work, while clarifying to employees how their work is part of the company's overall business processes. This also stimulates increased cooperation between different units in the organization, while facilitating proposals for improvements, which means clearer and more efficient processes in the organization.

An important part of your quality management

ADD Process Management is a powerful process tool with broad functionality where processes are created in any number of levels. Using process management is anything but difficult, even though the system is capable of covering complex requirements.

Quality System Process Tool

Process Management is integrated with document management requirements management according to ISO, making Add the most comprehensive and integrated support for organizations that work with requirements management in Quality, environment and working environment. A process tool for quality systems such as ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001.

Easily set up the process structure of your business

With Add Process Management, the entire process structure can be easily set up. You can then work based on your business processes across your organization's levels. All information included in the management system can be linked to the processes if desired. This applies, for example, to employees and all governing documents. In this way, Add Process Management becomes both descriptive and at the same time an actual part of daily work. Add Process Management is also fully integrated with other parts of Add Management System.

Process Management in ADD