Risk management

ADD Risk Analysis with overview

Add Risk Management brings your risk management together in one place and increases your knowledge of your business risks and their severity. It also helps you in your internal security and risk management work.

With the new tougher ISO requirements for management systems, where the focus has increased on risk management, it is very helpful to have a concrete and functional tool that helps to prioritize the risks and then reminds if the actions are not carried out on time. Working in a structured way with risk management reduces exposure to risks and provides better opportunities to handle the resulting situations.

Risks are valued and classified for easy follow-up

With Add Risk Analysis, found risks in the business can be identified, valued and classed. Its status regarding for example liability and remedial can then be continuously followed up.

Revaluation of risks during the course of work

During the course of the work, a revaluation can take place and the status of the various risks is clearly displayed through different colors. Finally, statistics on the work can be produced if desired.

The risk Management template contains risk classifications and allows the assessment of the severity and probability of each risk. The Valuation is combined into a risk value that gives a specific colour indication in the detailed overview. In this way, an overview of all risks, its severity and current status is obtained.