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Add Rounds / Self-monitoring offers a solution where you can easily create your own regular rounds. Each person in charge receives a list with inspection instructions and a picture to do directly in their mobile phone.

In most establishments, some type of regular checks are carried out. These may be fire safety, health and safety, food safety, premises, document or other safety-related checks. Add Rounds / Self Inspection can be used both as a stand-alone solution or as a complementary option to your business system.

Create your own unique rounds

For each round or check that is posted, you can write a short description of what needs to be done and upload a picture for clarification. Each check has an optional number of points and is carried out at the desired time through scheduled check rounds.

You can choose whether they should be made every day, week, month, quarter, quarterly or yearly through predefined intervals. It is also possible to create multiple control schedules for the same locations and to combine control rounds into one occasion.

Collect everything on the start page

You can access the remaining checks via the home page with a single click. When you have completed a check on an item, mark it as OK or Not OK with the option to write comments or create an action. If you, as the verifier, do not complete the check within the time limit, the check is marked as missed.

Thanks to the advanced general features of Add, it allows for single-word searching, strict permission management and optional multilingual support.

Reminders sent by email

Your checks are grouped together and displayed as your details on the home page. Reminders when something needs to be done are sent to the person in charge by email with a link directly to the task. If you report a discrepancy, an action will be created which is also followed up directly in the system.

Get a better overview of your controls

The status of all controls is collected in an easy-to-read list with the possibility to sort them easily. Each check is displayed with a colour that explains whether it is active, completed, delayed or missed, for example, giving you a quick overview of how work is progressing. Statistics show the status on the home page.