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Key performance management
Get real-time reports and statistics-right on your homepage
Key Management in ADD

Add Key performance measures management - get statistics and reports on the home page

Key performance measures management in the Add web platform

Analysing your business with key performance indicators gives you a quick picture of the current situation and a better opportunity to assess the future.

Add Key performance indicators management is a user-friendly solution for reporting key figures on a monthly basis and getting real-time feedback with reports and statistics directly on your home page and in multiple languages.

Visualize input information with a meter on the home page that shows average value over time. In order to get more out of Add Key performance measures management directly, historical data can also be added as a basis for analyses and charts. You can also set up and create questionnaires on a numerical basis and select units such as resource consumption and costs.

Use the information entered

Information entered into forms and streams is stored in the database and can be displayed in various forms of reports. All information can be displayed by organizational unit and it is also possible to control so that you only see the key figures related to your own business. You can get raw data through Excel as well as live reports where you can filter on all the data.

Compare and see Business trends

Reports and scorecards can be a great help in the follow-up of the business. It gives a clear picture of the situation and shows where improvements need to be made. To get more out of Add Key ratio management directly, you can also add historical data as a basis for analysis and charts.