Competence management

A comprehensive picture of all competencies within the organisation

A natural function of a management system is to keep track of what competencies exist and which employees have them and that they are up to date. Add Competency Management provides a clear overview of all competencies and notifies you of their validity.

Full overview of employees' skills

Add Competence Management helps to keep track of all employees' different competencies in a smooth manner, which has become increasingly important in order to be able to review the business and ultimately achieve its goals. The solution meets the requirements for training registers that exist within the framework of ISO. This solution provides a comprehensive grasp of the business's competences and its competence development.

Get a better overview

To get full control of the entire company's competencies, Add is a good solution to be able to list, sort and group by competence, person or organizational unit. Then you can easily search for your employees' skills and always choose the right person for the right project. It is also quick to see whose certificate needs to be renewed.

See easily when certificates expire

In Add Competence Management, you set up competences yourself. Certificates are then posted for each person and for each competence. Thanks to add time control, the system can automatically keep track of when a certificate expires. It is displayed through colors and status changes.

Approval for registration of certificates

It is possible to decide whether employees themselves should be able to register certificates of competences or whether it should be done centrally. Certificates can be attached and include an approval step for the certificate to be valid.

ADD helps us to provide
Competence development materials, carry out checks
And get results presented in one and the same system.


Elaine Bryntesson, Personnel and quality manager,
Olivia Home Care