With our solution for delegation of tasks in health and social care, we have taken special account of the National Board of Health and Welfare's regulations and general advice regarding delegations. (SOFS 1997:14)

Account of how the documentation should be

The documentation for our delegation solution shows (in accordance with SOFS 1997:14) The task delegated, the issuer and the recipient of the delegation, the time of validity of the delegation decision and the date on which the decision was made. We have also taken into account the fact that a delegation at most may be valid for 1 year and that the documentation should be retained for 3 years after a delegation has ceased.

Automated updates for smoother maintenance

With our automatic time management and reminder emails, you can find out in good time when a delegation is about to expire. An email with a link to the delegation in the system will then be sent out to the affected people. If the date of the expiry date occurs, the delegation automatically retracts and is set to "non-active delegation" in the system until you choose to either terminate or update the delegation.

Simple, smooth and clear!

Simple delegation Management with
Automatic follow-ups and reminders
and a understandable overview

How a delegation goes to

Below you can read step by step how a delegation with our solution goes to, it is of course to adapt the solution to your specific needs and requirements.

The issuer selects the recipient, the type of delegation, the period of validity of the delegation, and can also enter the delegation description, authority, attach document, etc. then the delegation is dispatched to the selected delegation recipient.

The recipient of the delegation is informed via an e-mail message with information about the delegation and a link to the delegation in the system. Then they can approve, return to the issuer for further completion, or reject the delegation.

The texts on the acceptability of the delegation and the personal and non-delegation of these documents are also agreed.

The activity manager for the selected activity is automatically downloaded and receives an e-mail message that a delegation is available to approve. The business manager can choose to approve or reject the delegation.

When a delegation is approved, the medically responsible Nurse (MAS) is automatically downloaded for the selected area of activity and informed by e-mail that a delegation has been performed.


The delegation is now also visible in overviews for "active delegations" and that it will be tracked automatically with time management and reminder emails when the time comes to renew the delegation.


It is also possible to withdraw an active delegation if necessary, delegations that have been withdrawn or expired will be stored in the system for 3 years before they can be completely removed (as per the recommendations regarding documentation from SOFS 1997:14)