About Addsystems

About Addsystems

What do we offer at Addsystems?

We are a SaaS company, software as a service, and offer a simple and web-based platform for management systems and information management that can be fully adapted to your needs, even over time.

ADD currently has users in 15 different countries and is translated in 13 languages. The Add web platform is built to suit everyone, regardless of business or size. Through the platform, your business becomes available on all devices and can thus help you to follow up, streamline and quality assure your working methods in a simple and structured way. Add as Management System Gives you more space to spend time developing your business, instead of administering it.

"We highly appreciate that you, thanks to your limited company size, can maintain personal customer contacts with good knowledge of each customer's specific needs, as well as your customised and realistic approach to effective management system work"


Rickard Wester
Quality and Environmental Manager
Västervik Environmental & Energi AB


Create, save and disseminate information to all employees in a safe and easy way.

Case management

Streamline your business, keep track of what is up to date and make deviations visible.


Quickly develop process descriptions with easy-to-use "drag and drop management".


Flexible with both predefined and customised solutions. Choose from a 30-number.

Addsystems & Platforms Add

With 20 years of experience working with the system, we at Addsystems know what the Add platform can do for you in your work. It's a cost-effective choice, requiring minimal training and quick to implement. We currently have over 130 customers, some of whom have been with us since we started 20 years ago, which we believe is a result of the system's great adaptability over time based on new needs.

Addsystems history

Addsystems was founded in 2000 with the goal of creating the most powerful platform in the market for management systems and quality assured information management. In order to get a start in the development work, we were helped by venture capital in collaboration with Atle (later 3i) and MVI.


In the year 2000 a unique object oriented data model was produced. A model that will bring completely new opportunities for companies to cost-effectively build and develop a management system that reaches use throughout the organization.

Built a deep knowledge base

Addsystems is headquartered on Kungsgatan at Stureplan. Our system and also offices are powered exclusively by wind power. Our customers consist of both large and small operations all over the country and in other parts of Europe. Having worked with several large companies across Europe since the turn of the millennium, we have built a deep knowledge base. We have thus gained a good understanding of how adaptations contribute to use in different industries. Whether in your case, it's a handful or thousands of users.

Kungsgatan in Stockholm

Fredrik Sundström

CEO, Founder and Head of Sales


Fredrik holds a Master of Science in Engineering from KTH and a Master of Business Administration from Stockholm University. He started the Swedish Environmental Fund in 1994, a collaboration between the Swedish Environmental Foundation, Det Naturliga Steget and Banco Fonder. In 1997, together with 7 colleagues, he founded the consulting and software company Ecobalance AB, where he was CEO. Together with Stefan Nyberg he founded Addsystems where he has been CEO since its inception.

Anders Hägg

Main project leader

Anders Hägg Addsystems

Anders is a graduate of Mba from Stockholm University. He works as a consultant manager and is responsible for the ongoing planning of development and customer projects. He has a Master's degree in Economics with a focus on environmental management and biology, as well as many years of work experience in environmental management and as a department engineer at the Swedish Testing and Research Institute.

Mattias Andersson

Development manager

Mattias Andersson Addsystems

Mattias is a system developer with the main responsibility for the development work. He has many years of work experience as a system developer, technical manager and development manager. Mattias has for a long time worked as a consultant with responsibility for the company's product development and has developed a 50-number of applications.

Hand in Hand


We are proud to support companies in Hand-in-Hand with and help to ensure that vulnerable and poor women have the knowledge and the power to take themselves and their families out of poverty for good. The effect of Hand in hand work results in many positive changes, such as more children being able to go to school, better health, greater gender equality, a better environment and an increased commitment.