Platform ADD

Web Platform ADD
Web Platform ADD
Platform for Management systems and information management
A tool to easily manage, plan, control, analyse and improve operations.

ADD offers:

– A complete Web-based management system

- unique collection of solutions and features

– stylish and inviting design

– simplicity, even for computer users

– ready-made and customised solutions

– Daily Backups

- smooth digital implementation of the system

A prerequisite for it to be fun, smooth and safe to work is a good tool. That's why it's good to look for a web-based platform that is simple and can be customized for all types of industries.

Add is a powerful and flexible standard solution for Management System and quality assured information management that is adapted to meet the customer's different requirements, regardless of size. A tool to easily manage, plan, control, analyze and improve the business.

Changes can be made without programming, which means that it can also be tailored to the needs of your business. The malleability of the platform gives you the space not to always have to make the right decisions right away, as solutions And Features can be replaced or added afterwards.


The system is formed and follows you in real time. Thus, you do not need precise specifications, nor are you limited by technical solutions.

Adds Properties:

- A tool for controlling, planning, controlling and evaluating the business.
- Role-driven permissions.
- Translated in 13 different languages.
- Has search function.
– Meets the requirements for a stable and safe management system.
- Web-based, flexible and adaptable.
- Enables integration with existing systems.
- Supports the production of a management system at local and global level.

ADD helps you to:

– Streamline and simplify your working methods
– Protect valuable information through daily backups
– Reduce the risk of tasks being missed
– Save time in a cost-effective way
– Clarify the role and responsibilities of each employee
– Gather all your work in one place
– Get a lot of money-making system
– Support the management work and changes in your activities

With Add it is possible to quickly and easily provide feedback And
Information to all employees in the Organization While
Be able to have an available Control When the employees are in the field.


Elaine Bryntesson, Personnel and quality manager,
Olivia hemtjänst AB

The Add platform - for safer and more fun work

With daily backups, you can feel confident that valuable information is protected. At Addsystems, we constantly develop and improve the platform by creating new solutions and tools that make it easier for you as a customer to get structure in your work.

It's easy to work in ADD is for us a matter of obviousness, but we think it is at least as important that it should feel fun and stimulating as well. Therefore, we have spent a lot of time on the design. Choose from document management, Case Management System Or Process Management. In addition to these, some 30 other ready-made solutions To choose from.

As an administrator, you can modify the following structures:

• User groups
• Deviation Management
• Permissions
• Document templates
• Coupling Options
• Menu Structures
• Organisational Structures
• Processes
• Referrals
• Language and language management
• Overall design

Used today in 15 countries

Add is a proven system that currently has over 40,000 users in 15 different countries around the world and is translated in 13 languages. Add is used in the following countries:

  • Sweden
  • Norway
  • Denmark
  • Finland
  • Estonia
  • Poland
  • United Kingdom
  • Germany
  • Switzerland
  • France
  • Belgium
  • Italy
  • Turkey
  • Canada
  • Bahamas

What is included?

– Technical operation from server hall in Sweden.
– Update to the latest version of the system.
– Ongoing database maintenance for design and optimization.
- Review meeting with customer at least once a year.
– Dygnsbackuper 90 days continuously, weekly backups for the duration of the contract.
– Access to the Addsystems service desk. Error support included.
- Own database of max 10GB or max 25 000 information objects.
– New optional solutions can be added and removed with a 3 month continuous notice period.

Backups for your security

All operations of the system and customer data as well as backups are located at server hall in Sweden. Backups are made every night and saved 3 months continuously on another medium. Full weekly backups are saved elsewhere within Sweden for the entire contract period. This means that if information in the customer's database is deleted or changed, there is always the possibility to deploy an older version, or to take information from an older version. Information recovery is offered at a service fee based on time.

Changeable templates

Everything that is created in the system is based on systems templates. To control how, for example, documents or user profiles should look and what information they should contain, you can edit it in each template without programming. The templates can be built up of over 150 different types of elements, so-called attributes, which in turn can be given a multitude of settings. This provides flexibility and wide choice, which can be configured in the ADD templates, which can normally be added to a Web page.

Customized design

Colors, style schemes and logo in the system are adapted to the customer's profile. We are happy to help suggest a suitable basic design.

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