Optional features

In addition to our wide range of ready-made or customised solutions, we offer several valuable features to make your work easier in Platform ADD. They can be purchased at the customer's convenience and are offered at an installation fee and a small ongoing monthly charge.

Integration-Active Directory

Automatic synchronisation of users from the customer's Active Directory (AD) to Add. New users are created, existing users are updated while deactivated or deleted users are archived in Add. The solution is made possible by installing some files on the server within the customer's network. Our solution is available a variant for MS Azure and one for those customers who have a so-called on-prem AD.

SSO Single sign On

AutoLogon for users on the corporate network.

This function is based on a high-security technology where the user identity (but not the password) is read on the own network. The solution is always combined with AD import of users and works well for customers with AD via MS Azure.

Integration Services

Add integration service is a service that can be used for time-controlled import from e.g. business systems or PA systems but also for export to e.g. MS Power BI.

There are several variants of our integration service for different needs and the most widely used is based on JSON and easily supports both import and export.

Multilingual support

Add supports complete language management of system texts, customer templates and has a strict regulatory framework for how to make translation of document texts. We follow UTF-8 and can handle even languages such as Russian, Arabic and Chinese in the platform.  System texts are currently available in 13 languages.

Integration-Automated file Export

Optional ADD-in information items can be exported to an external directory structure. The files can be saved as MS Office files or as PDF files and can include metadata. The solution corresponds to an e-archive and the directories can be placed within the customer's network or in another location.