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No license cost. Just an ongoing monthly fee that includes technical operation.

We do not distinguish between this, but are based on the number of employees, where normally all employees should have some form of access to the platform. It is taken into account that a smaller proportion of users should have higher permissions and opportunities to manage information.

A start-up fee for the implementation is added to adapt the system and train administrators.

Yes,the customer's notice period is 3 months continuously from the start.

Our lowest price with a fee of 2 300 SEK/month includes 10 employees. This includes Add Document Management, Add Processes, Add Case Management and basic intranet functionality, i.e. news management, links, calendar and RSS news feed. Also included are technical operations, nightly backups and automatic access to all updates.

It's going great. You can start easily and add but also remove optional solutions afterwards.

The cost of the option consists of the monthly fee being increased (based on the number of employees) and a one-off fee to cover the time needed to install and show the customer the solution and together make the desired settings and adjustments.

You will benefit from more than 20 years of experience working with the system. So we know what the platform can do for you in your work. It's also a cost-effective choice, as it requires minimal training and is quick to implement.


We have customers who have been with us since the beginning in 2000. Although all parts of the program have been replaced, they have still been able to work continuously in Add ever since. We think this is indicative of the long-term nature of our commitment to our customers. Add is scalable and can easily be shaped according to how your business wants it.

Addsystems uses a service that checks availability every minute and alerts in case of any malfunction.

Each customer has their own database (MS SQL Server). All operation of the system and the customer's data as well as backups are located to the server hall in Sweden. The server environment is located in a virtualized server environment,with redundant servers and redundant fiber lines to the internet. The physical shell cover includes camera surveillance, fire alarms, etc. An external service alerts and logs in case of malfunction.

The service includes backing up every 24 hours of all data saved. Daily backups are saved for at least 90 days. A complete weekly backup is saved for each week throughout the contract period. It is possible to recover if you accidentally deleted a document/object from the database. The backups are saved offline elsewhere within Sweden.

Any information entered into the customer's system that is not general texts provided by Addsystems,for the operation and maintenance of the system, shall be deemed to be kept in secret.

The structure is the same for everyone but permission-controlled, so some page sections may be hidden.

Yes, we have a special helpdesk account where you can log in and then from there go in as different people and see what they see in the system and what they have on their to-do list etc.