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News Management

To make it easy for employees or external persons to report any kind of misconduct internally, a convenient option is now available in Add.


In a complete solution, it is possible to anonymously report a grievance from Add or from any location. The form the user fills in consists of a descriptive text, categorisation of the case and a free text field for description.


The case is then handled internally in several steps with strict authorisation, as well as automatic reminders and deletion of older cases.

The case is automatically sent to designated persons

The ticket created is automatically forwarded to the person(s) you designate within your organisation. The person making the notification can always see who will be able to read and handle the case.

Recipients are reminded to deal with the case received within a certain time and to define further action. Forms are available for these steps and it is possible to determine in a control panel which fields and categories to use.

Meet external requirements with the solution

To comply with legal requirements, there are settings to delete cases after a certain time and to set the time when the case should have started.

We have been providing a whistleblowing solution since 2018 for our customers and are updating it with new features as requirements change.