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Booking a demo means nothing binding.
Choose for yourself if you want a shorter or longer demogeneous round.

Webbdemo (60 min) We carry out a completely unbiased demo via Teams and then have time to review questions, as well as your wishes and requirements. 

Webbdemo (30 min) We perform a shorter demo version where we show the basics of Add via Teams. 

See available times and book directly in our booking calendar, or email alternative days and times that suit you.

Customer quotes

"The best thing about ADD is that it is very easy and-used. You don't have to take shortcuts – so we did before "


Freddy Jensen
Compliance Manager
Euromaster AB

"ADD helps the business with the most current information, links, shortcuts. Keeping your organization up to date and informed. "


Björn Källström
IT Infrastructure Technician
Orrefors/New Wave Group AB

"The best is Totaleffektiveten, a high level of operational benefits combined with relatively low management efforts"


Mikael Jonsson,
Quality & Environmental Manager,
Gunnebo Fastening Systems AB

"It is possible to quickly and easily provide feedback and information to all employees within the organisation at the same time.


Elaine Snahr Bryntesson
Staff and quality manager
Olivia hemtjänst AB