The platform Add

It is a powerful and flexible solution that can
tailored exactly to your needs!

For guidance and support in your daily work

To create quality-assured work that engages the entire organization in continuous improvement, there are high demands for suitable tools. Therefore, it is good to look for a web-based platform that is easy to use and highly customizable.

Add is a powerful and flexible standard solution for management systems and quality-assured information management, tailored to meet the customer’s various requirements, regardless of size. It is a tool to easily lead, plan, control, analyze, and improve operations.

Changes can be made without programming, which means it can be customized according to the different needs of your business, which also change over time. The platform’s adaptability allows you the flexibility to not always make the right decisions immediately, as solutions and features can easily be replaced or added later on.

The system takes shape and follows you in real-time. Therefore, you don’t need exact specifications, and you are not limited by technical solutions.

The Add Platform – for a safer and more enjoyable work experience  

With daily backups, you can feel confident that valuable information is protected. At Addsystems, we constantly develop and improve the platform by creating new solutions and tools that make it easier for you as a customer to organize your work.

Making it easy to work in Add is a given for us, but we believe it is equally important for it to feel fun and stimulating. That’s why we have invested a lot of time in the design. Choose between document management, case management systems, or process management. In addition to these, there are around 20 other ready-made solutions to choose from.

The platform Add make backups for your peace of mind  

All system operations, customer data, and backups are located in a server room in Sweden. Backups are performed every night and stored for a continuous period of 3 months on separate media. Full weekly backups are stored at another location within Sweden throughout the entire contract period. This means that if information in the customer’s database is deleted or modified, there is always the possibility to restore an older version or retrieve information from a previous version. Restoration of information is offered at a service fee based on the time required.

Changeable templates in the platform Add

Everything created in the system is based on system templates. To control how, for example, documents or user profiles should look and what information they should contain, you can edit the respective templates without any programming knowledge. The templates can be built using over 180 different types of data fields and functions, which we refer to as attributes, each of which can have a variety of settings. This provides flexibility and extensive customization options, allowing you to configure what is typically placed on a webpage within the templates in Add.

Customized design 

Colors, style schemes, and logos in the system are tailored to the customer’s profile. We are happy to assist in suggesting a suitable basic design.

Central features of Add: 

  • A tool for managing, planning, controlling, and evaluating operations. 
  • Role-based permissions. Available in 13 different languages. 
  • Includes a search function. 
  • Meets the requirements of a stable and secure management system. 
  • Web-based, flexible, and customizable. 
  • Enables integration with existing systems. 
  • Supports the production of a management system at both local and global levels.

Add offers: 

  • A stable and web-based case management system 
  • A wide range of solutions and features Integration with existing systems 
  • Sleek and inviting design 
  • Automation and efficiency 
  • Tools for control and follow-up Simplicity, even for inexperienced computer users 
  • Ready-made as well as customized solutions 
  • Ability to use the mobile camera for case reporting 
  • Protection of valuable information and daily backups 
  • A long-term solution

What’s included? 

  • Technical operation from a server room in Sweden. 
  • Update to the latest version of the system. 
  • Ongoing database maintenance regarding design and optimization.
  •  Alignment meeting with the customer at least once a year.
  •  24/7 backups for 90 days, weekly backups throughout the duration of the agreement. Access to Addsystems’ service desk. 
  • Error support is included. 
  • Own database with a maximum of 10GB or a maximum of 25,000 information objects. 
  • New optional solutions can be added and removed with a 3-month notice period.

Advantages of Add Management systems

Add Management systems gives you safe storage

Safe storage

In one and the same web platform, you can collect, organize and store all information anywhere and anytime, with daily backups.

Add Management systems Clear price picture

Clear price picture

No license fee, just an ongoing monthly fee and 3 months ongoing notice period.

Add Management systems Time saved

Time saved

With a user-friendly management system, you get more time to focus and spend time on the more important things in the business.

Add Management systems is scaleble


Start from what you need today and build on with ready-made solutions as you go or change the ones you have. With this flexibility, Add can be easily adapted to the specific needs of your business.

Add Management systems gives you better collaboration

Better collaboration

The system facilitates and clarifies each employee’s role and responsibility. You can effectively collaborate on matters and documents and receive information directly on the start page and with links via e-mail.

Add Management systems gives you ease of access

Ease of access

Add is provided as a cloud service with operations within Sweden, and you thus avoid complicated connections and installations. Easily access your system via computer, tablet or mobile.