A tool to easily manage, plan, control, analyze and improve operations

Strict yet flexible information management is of great importance for municipal operations and authorities.

The Add platform is perfect for this, and its versatility allows its usage to expand in diverse directions. We have a particularly strong position among municipal energy and environmental companies. Quality and environmental issues play a crucial role in these companies, and there are high demands for the system solutions they wish to work with.

We are active in these areas

As a government agency, there are particularly high demands for a strict working approach. With Add, such work is made possible, while still allowing administrators to easily modify how the system should be used over time.

Popular management systems

Document management

in Add Tired of searching for the right document? With Add document management, you save time by gathering all documents in one platform. This way, you can work with the same documents, provide feedback, and easily comment on each other’s work. Read more here →

Case management

Do you also want to get an overview of your cases, documents and tasks? Add case management simplifies your planning and structuring of tasks by giving you a quick overview of deviations and what is relevant. Read more here →

Process management

Do you want to optimize workflows and reduce risks? With Add Process Management, you can create a complete description of the organization’s activities, routines and results to give employees a clear picture of the company’s function. Avoid missing important steps and minimize the risk of errors. Read more here →