Intranet features

News Management
Intranet features
News management in the ADD platform

A set of intranet features is always included in a subscription of the Add platform. In this way, Add creates a natural starting point for all employees around the management system or around the business as a whole. Of course, they can be removed, moved around and customized if you are a system administrator.

News Management

Add News Management is a very core and modern solution and includes excellent features for, for example, having it as a corporate internet. You can post news, notifications, or invitations, and choose who or who will see the news and add a field for comments.

Add News Management provides the following opportunities:

  • News carousel where the latest news goes in a loop
  • Scheduling, categorizing, and customizing news
  • Create an invitation to an activity, event, or meeting with a comment function
  • Upload your own news images or from the site Pixabay
  • Sign-up function
  • Comment function on all news
  • The settings of the solution can be easily changed in a dedicated control panel.

Link list

It is easy to create links on the home page to important information in Add, such as emergency preparedness. This way, you don't have to search through the existing directory structure.

In order for employees to easily find external sites or other systems, you as an administrator can easily post external links with explanatory text and with the possibility to upload your own images.


In order to be able to clearly show current and upcoming events within the business, there is an easy-to-work calendar on the home page. There, events can be controlled based on organizational unit. You can add dates from other parts of the system to appear in the calendar as an option.

News feeds RSS

To create automatic display of news, for example, within their industry, it is possible to link RSS feeds on the home page. Free number of RSS feeds can be posted and you set how many news to display per part.

Key performance indicators

In order to easily showcase a number of key performance indicators within the business, a fully customizable key performance indicators display with a maximum of 3 meters is included in our basic solution. There, a selection of users can change current values, while system administrators can easily change all parts from a control panel.

It is possible to select up to 5 intervals with different colors per key ratio and of course names and whether it should be displayed as decimal or integer. Additional meters can be selected as an option and also to connect the reporting to a form for, for example, monthly reporting with the display of history and trends.

User statistics

Everything that happens in Add is automatically logged and this applies not only to changes, but also to a user opening a certain information item. This information can be displayed to administrators at each item, but there is also a specific user statistics page available to administrators. This shows user statistics by default for the last year. There are diagrams that show, among other things, which information items have been viewed the most, which user accounts have been most active and how many unique users have been logged in each month.

Help features

A special help section with descriptions and image examples of essential parts is available in Add. It is being built on as new opportunities are added in Add.