Customer references



We have previously had Complaints/Deviations/Complaints in Excel. By "automating" management becomes more efficient. Important aspects when choosing Add were the system's flexibility and Addsystem's willingness and ability to support.


Nevena Ratkov
QSHE Manager


Add helps us get news in the organization in a quick way and simplifies our work with internal info and leave management as well as registration of deviations.


Robert Hill
Head of Operations/Ceo


The best thing about Add is that it is very easy to work with and easy to use. Everyone has easy access to finding the information sought, which helps the business with time savings, efficiency and doing the right thing. We can also easily see if information is being accessed.


Freddy Jensen
Compliance Manager

GBJ Bygg

The best thing about Add is that we have all the complaints in one place and black and white when they were submitted and what flow the case has been dealt with. It makes sense so everyone understands it without any "course" in how it works.


Tina Flodins
Project Manager / construction engineer

Gunnebo Fastening

The best thing about Add is total efficiency, a high degree of business benefit combined with relatively low administration efforts. A good and easily accessible system support for our business systems, deviation management and general dissemination of information to the staff.

Mikael Jonsson
Quality & Environmental Manager


Good response to activities that need to be resolved. We have been better managed by our handling of tasks.


Ingela Johansson
Quality Manager


Olivia's Home Care

It is possible to quickly and easily provide feedback and information to all employees within the organization at the same time. To be able to have an accessible control when employees are in the field, and gather material and spread knowledge in a common platform.


Elaine Snahr Bryntesson
Staff and quality manager


Add gives the user a smooth complete picture of the company. It's easy for administrators to share information in a structured way. Keeps your organization up to date and informed.


Björn Källström
IT Infrastructure Technician



Since we are scattered all over Sweden, Add becomes a common platform. Add solves our problems by everything is available and above all saved / archived in one place.


Jessica Anderson - Wikipedia
Management System Manager


Västervik Environmental & Energy

Add is a simple and easy-to-use tool for document management, meeting management, process and case management, etc., making it easy to set up and maintain even complex integrated management systems. With the help of Add, we have gained good order and higher efficiency in the business.


Rickard Wester
Quality and Environmental Manager