There are different solutions to choose from for employee calls; and appraisal meetings. The Solutions consist of a template with flow for notice, time and place, questionnaire, evaluation, follow-up, etc. There are two variants of employee call solutions to choose from.


In Our performance appraisal solution, you select the employee and the time, date and place of the call and a person responsible for the call. A call is sent to the employee who in a text field can enter what he wants to take up during the call. During the conversation, the employee can fill in answers to various questions regarding, for example, the physical work environment, well-being with other colleagues and managers, any ancillary activities that the employee may have and information about them, etc. There is also an individual competence plan where you can add activities to achieve one's own goals.

Departure calls

A template is available with a departure call flow when an employment expires. Select the employee, date, time and place of the call, and reason for departure. The Form is sent to the employee who, in peace and quiet, can answer questions regarding the past working hours, what has been perceived as positive/negative, possible improvements that can be made, well-being with colleagues, etc. A dropdown with Yes/no option regarding if you want a service certificate is also available. The Form is then sent to the personnel manager who can read the answers to the questions and fill in if the service contract is provided.

Employee conversations with two different choice of solutions

We have two solutions of appraisal conversations where the manager starts by filling in answers to questions about himself as a manager and whether the employee the call is in. The form is Then sent to the selected employee who in turn can fill in answers to questions about the company, the work situation and about himself as an employee and about his manager. The Form is now sent for follow-up where the employee and manager can see each other's answers in the form, and follow up on the call to make an individual development plan and an agreement how to follow up the development plan.