Gain control of your work practices with a unique web platform

Gain control of your work practices with a unique web platform

Gain control of your work practices with a unique web platform

Achieving a structured and efficient approach is a challenge for most companies regardless of size and industry. By ensuring that routines and administrations are managed in a standardised way, companies can meet their customers with professionalism while achieving efficiency.

"Our platform makes it easy for all types of companies to meet external and internal requirements and control their work practices through a single web-based system," says Fredrik Sundström, CEO of Addsystems.

Administrative work steals time that could be spent on developing the business, while it is often difficult to maintain the same routines from the inside out, especially in larger companies. Addsystems Unique Management System Solution Enable companies to manage all types of Case management, Document management and other information management through a single digital platform.

Platform ADD is very broad and easy to change and adapt to the customer's needs which also makes it extremely easy to get started with. By being able to gather everything in one system, you can ensure a systematic approach throughout the organisation, says Fredrik S.

Control of case management and requirements
Many companies have a need to gain control of their routines and case management, often linked to external requirements such as an ISO certification. The system can be used for the general dissemination of information internally and externally, but also as a way of handling deviations, explains Fredrik Sundström

"The platform enables the same procedures to be maintained in, for example, purchasing, document management, complaints handling and case documentation. A major advantage is that it makes it easy for all employees to work in the same way and find information that facilitates everyday life.

Many opportunities for small cost
To succeed in getting an entire organization to use a particular tool and in the same way, can be a challenge. Something our platform wants to solve by being simple and visually appealing.

"You get very many opportunities at a very small cost which gives a huge customer benefit. The platform is scalable and makes it easy to Parametersätta while it is sleek and comprehensive which encourages use. With routines that everyone can easily follow, you can demonstrate a completely different professionalism to their customers, concludes Fredrik Sundström.

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